Earwax Cleaning Visual Camera

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  • 3.0 Megapixels HD Camera.
  • Long Battery Life: 150mAh
  • 3-Axis Smart Directional.
  • Supports iOS & Android.
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Earwax Cleaning Visual Camera

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“Satisfying! It’s very nice looking and pretty easy to use, I am addicted!”
-Todd Ward


Get a microscopic view of your ear with the revolutionary 3.0 Megapixels HD camera technology through your IOS or Android wirelessly using WiFi to see it all happen in real time. This will help you maneuver through every nook and cranny tirelessly!


Skip the blind poking with the cotton pads and get a clearer view! The EarPick™ is intelligently designed to gently scoop out stubborn earwax at any depth without missing any spot.


Convenient and very easy to use for everyone. It’s a definitely game changer for you and your whole family, the PC+Silica material ear spoon protects the children’s ear canal that can be easily injured damaging the eardrum or causing severe hearing loss using the cotton swabs. Safely and harmfully cleans the ear!


The professional ear otoscope is equipped with 3 million pixels and 4.5mm lens length which allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside your ear canal. the endoscope improves the view while getting rid of all the earwax. It also improves the accuracy of eliminating every buildup to make your ears super clean!


  1. Anti-slip Design: Stainless steel body, with anti-slip design on the handle, making the operation safer.
  2. Temperature Control: Closing to the human body’s temperature, care you and your family’s ears.
  3. 4.5 mm Diameter Ultra-thin endoscope: Safety to meet different people.
  4. Long Battery Life: 150mAh lithium battery, half an hour of charging can provide enough battery power, which can be used normally for at least 30 minutes.
  5. 3.0 Megapixels HD Camera with 6 LED lights, provide a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction.


How long does shipping takes?

Shipping usually takes around 20-30 days.

When will I receive a Tracking Number?

It takes around 3-7 days at max.

Does it support iOS/Android?

It supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Our app is available for free for on both platforms.

Is this safe to use? Does it hurt?

Yes, it is FDA, ROHS & CE certified. It doesn’t hurt at all! In fact, it’s actually better than its alternatives given that it gives you full visibility of what’s inside thus preventing any accedintal poking.

What is your return policy?

We have a no-questions-asked 60-day 100% Money Back guarantee return policy, which means you have 60 days after receiving your item to request a return.

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Ear Care


Soft PC


Bebird R1

Visual Ear Spoon

In Ear Cleaning Endoscope

Ear Picker Tool

Health Care Tool

Reviews (104)

104 reviews for Earwax Cleaning Visual Camera

  1. R***r

    The smart ear picking stick is very good, very high-quality and exquisite workmanship, There is an endoscope inside, which can be connected to a mobile phone to see the state of the ear canal,safety and convenient.

  2. R***r

    It’s really small, smaller than expected; easy to operate, easy to connect to the phone, and feel very comfortable. I think I like earwax picking now.

  3. R***r

    It’s really cool to dig out your ears, it’s a bit addictive. Function effect: great Product quality: it takes a long time to charge once

  4. R***r

    It’s more satisfying than expected, it’s stylish, the packaging is good, the picture is very clear, it’s easy to use, and it’s worth buying

  5. R***r

    Very good, the camera is quite clear, the battery is durable, and a very interesting product with wireless Bluetooth connection

  6. M***e

    This ear pick is pretty good, and the workmanship is of good quality. It can be connected to a mobile phone, and it is wireless, and the image is clear

  7. I***r

    The functions are complete and complete. The picture is clearer than the front camera of my mobile phone. It is very easy to use for illuminating the ears, nose, and mouth, and it will not get stuck. I didn’t expect this lens to be more high-definition than I thought, it is very good.

  8. R***r

    It’s so convenient. The quality is also good and can be seen clearly.

  9. R***r

    Very practical thing, the ears are very clean, the camera is very clear, after all, it has 3 million pixels, and the appearance is very unique

  10. R***r

    It seems to me that the ear liner is very convenient and the effect is very good. The camera is very clear and easy to use. Recommend.

  11. R***r

    It’s really high-tech, the price is small, but it is also a new experience to be able to visualize the ears, if the light is brighter, it will be fine

  12. L***h

    The eartips are exquisite and light It is very convenient if you travel

  13. R***r

    The workmanship is excellent, the picture quality is also good, everything can be seen inside of ear.

  14. J***z

    Impressive! A new level on ear cleaning. For this model only missing some bag to store it. But it works very well !

  15. R***r

    It’s not bad, I can clearly see the condition in the ear, I like it very much

  16. S***t

    Works great. Amazing stabilized picture, bright light on the end.

  17. P***I

    Looks very near, very clear lens, shipped fast. It is very good for someone to help while you are watching!

  18. K***e


  19. S***a

    Perfect according to description

  20. Customer

    Quality is very good!!!! In the ears is full, we will clean, 10 balls!

  21. M***m

    Ribbons for cellphone while watching with ear digger construction tough but the others in my ears wave cotton cell phone built in cartridges hou check the nicer.

  22. A***l

    It works very well. The flash illuminates great and the camera has enough quality for what it has to do. A great purchase and recommended 100%

  23. C***m

    This is really crazy good item. Awesome!!!!

  24. A***n

    As described. Works fine. Easy app Control. Camera has good resolution.

  25. S***n

    excellent tool as described.. easy to use.. A+++ shipping and store. thank you.

  26. M***y

    The video ear picking has good clarity, very easy to use, cost-effective, the store’s service attitude is very good, and the delivery speed is fast!

  27. R***r

    The visual function is very clear. The built-in software can also take pictures and record the screen. I experienced the thrill of watching and digging. At first, I couldn’t grasp the direction when I was not used to it. I took it and studied it for a while, and finally it was easy to get it done.

  28. R***r

    I can see it clearly, it’s not bad to operate, and I need to adapt. The power is also okay, it will slightly heat up. The quality is very good and it is convenient to use

  29. R***r

    Not bad, the sharpness of the camera can meet the basic needs of ear picking. The quality is also good and it is wireless. The price is affordable.

  30. N***v

    It’s coming, it’s working.

  31. R***r

    When I took out my ears, I finally stopped being scared, and I can see clearly the position of the ear poop from the phone.

  32. S***m

    Fever cold a little but its pull is good Resolution for groom latency, frame worry was used then OK Looking forward to the standing grunge is know also very satisfied At least three used instrument performance daughter out inconvenient in dry no the bike frames

  33. Customer

    I’m very satisfied with this endoscope. Now i can clean my ears as it should be cleaned. You can look to your tympani membrana too.

  34. K***w

    great product, highly recommend, super fast delivery, high quality camera

  35. A***i

    good, works well

  36. P***r

    They ran through 4-5 dnev (as far as they are concerned, ale then Buli is holy, tom did not put 1-2 points). The goods are described. Bajannya to virobnik-zachistity camera, Bo wanted bi-alcohol food

  37. M***o

    Great device , cristal image and focus , low battery

  38. I***u

    Cool toy for 1 time) all ears revised, no longer interesting)

  39. O***n

    Excellent quality. This was a lot better than what I Expected. Sharp picture and it has a gyroscope which keeps the picture constantly upright.

  40. C***r

    Camera quality is great, thank you!

  41. V***h

    Received, not tested yet

  42. G***g

    Everything came in excellent condition!! I highly recommend corresponds to the description

  43. J***a

    Exactly as it appears in the description Image quality is great Connects quickly to mobile Very practical and easy to use

  44. Customer

    Pretty cool image, but ciulowo up this heads ….

  45. Customer

    Everything works

  46. V***n

    Bomb!!! just a super gadget!!! Recommend 100% Quality is higher than all praise Works fine

  47. Customer

    works well!

  48. B***G

    so good, works.

  49. V***a

    realy good camera I was suprised that the delay (camera movement and picture on screen) is very low

  50. P***e

    Perfect clear image. Gyro works perfect. Fun to play with.

  51. M***s

    Product is just like the picture. It does what it must do. Good quality for this price. Normal delivery to the Netherlands.

  52. E***Y

    Very well protected during transportation, very powerful. Recharge by USB at the top, nothing to complain about.

  53. J***n


  54. R***a

    Very quickly came in Kharkov, the quality of the camera is super, connected easily! Seller Thank you

  55. P***

    The Sticker is very small, the pixels are very clear, you can see the inside of the ear clearly

  56. R***

    The stuff is good, the photos are very clear. With this product, there is no need to blindly hurt your ears anymore. It’s a great product.

  57. D***n

    I can see clearly from the inside of my ears. My husband likes to ask me to dig out his ears. Now I can dig boldly.

  58. N***

    It s very convenient to use it s very clean I recommend

  59. M***

    This is very convenient the wireless version you can use it when you charge it and you can take it with you when you go out. With this ear pick I want to dig my ears every day.

  60. 1***r

    This APP has powerful functions. There are left and right ears. The store said that this is actually based on the structure of our left and right ears. This makes it easier to use. You can also take pictures and videos.

  61. C***

    The packaging is very good. Look at the product introduction I feel that the function is very good.

  62. S***

    The quality of the baby is very good the store s service attitude is very good and the delivery speed is very fast.

  63. Customer

    As described.. Pretty good and clear. Small size for easy carry. No need for communication. Seller too quick. Recommended store

  64. A***r

    V good. Product as described

  65. H***d

    thank you! clear camera..

  66. G***a

    Visual accurate and qualitative. The connection is stable. Possibly you can also use for other purposes, such as macro lens for different objects. Free in standard

  67. Customer

    It’s good enough to have a quick look.

  68. M***y

    Nice product. Fast shipping.

  69. V***a

    Very comfortable to use. Works exactly as described. Thanks.

  70. D***y

    Great. very well packaged. easy to use. very happy.

  71. B***b

    works good, clear view, very light.

  72. J***s

    Perfect Funcioma, I recommend

  73. Customer

    Super !

  74. G***a

    Excellent product. Great image quality and easy to use. I recommend the store.

  75. I***b

    item received as described….Excellent Seller.A+++

  76. 윤***남

    very good .. I check my teeth and nose as well haha~~ good

  77. 0***r

    Great! Really super practical and view on the phone. Fast delivery, I recommend.

  78. S***n

    The device is wonderful. From what I saw through him in shock, I can see to the smallest particles of invisible eyes. Now my ears will be even cleaner. The store sent two instead of one. I am pleased. Recommend.

  79. N***o

    Amazing camera quality super recommended, for nose, ears, mouth to see you all body very good

  80. P***K

    Very good quality, works great and children easily

  81. A***z

    Fast shipping, works very well! Highly recommended 🙂

  82. M***a

    Product meets the described, the shipment was pretty fast less than 15 days to arrive in chile. Thank you!

  83. R***e

    Can not believe how quickly it came very happy cannot wait to try it out…thank you to the store very happy.

  84. D***

    Cool, very good! It turns out that you can be so addicted by digging out your own ears

  85. D***o

    A very practical eartip, suitable for all ages, and you will never worry about problems with your ears in the future.

  86. C***

    It looks very clear, super easy to use, transparent and very sleek styles and sizes, and children can also use it. It is safe and convenient to know the situation in the ear canal at any time.

  87. Customer

    Excellent! It’s great quality. works well and help me. Recommend item.

  88. H***m

    Shipping incredibly fast four key For me so far received shipping speed alarm box

  89. F***E

    Perfect thank you

  90. E***l

    Excellent quality, thank you.

  91. X***g

    Good product, see clearly inside the ears.

  92. Customer

    Conform to the order The camera of very good resolution Easy to use despite the instructions in English To turn on stay Press Ditto to turn off Download the app, the install This put in wifi This connects with the name of the wifi app Open the app Choose the device identical to your (R1) for me And it’s gone

  93. Customer

    It is better to spend a little more money and buy this thing instead of analogs, the quality of the camera is excellent, connect it through the application of the WiFi and everything is clearly Clearly clearly and use it very carefully and not so often that you do not earn an outdoor kitchen From the additions I would like the manufacturer to add a shorter nozzle for cleaning the ears, and then it seems a little long, and so the product is excellent

  94. N***a

    Good products arrived in time, do not try yet, I will give another opinion once try. Thank you to the store

  95. S***g

    Very fast shipping and the item is good.

  96. I***n

    Is fast

  97. V***n

    Perfect, small to use. Excellent material and image quality, easy to use.

  98. M***e

    Excellent Device, works perfectly well. I am very satisfied with the product.

  99. C***z

    super amazing, love that it is wireless and very clear to use. amazing tool so worth it if you wanna look into your ears

  100. Customer

    Very fast delivery to Russia, in MOSCOW-Five days from the order to the receipt at the post office. The device has not yet checked in work, but it looks very good and in full set, all according to the description.

  101. P***c

    Excellent product! Top quality & fast shipping, very good store!

  102. iaddcart


  103. Y***v

    Quickly sends orders, quickly delivered, the quality is good, I recommend everyone to buy in this store, the store many thanks for the speed

  104. M***o


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